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Mapping and Document Approvals

Once a map or document has been approved by the City Engineer, the map/document needs to be recorded at the County Recorder to provide constructive notice. A map may be a parcel map (including lot line adjustments and lot consolidations) or a final map. A document may be a lot line adjustment plat, a grant of an easement/dedication, certificate of correction, a certificate of compliance, a covenant to hold property as one parcel or a vacation of an easement/dedication.

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In preparation of the recording, your map checker will advise you of all required documentation and fees. The signed mylars will be requested with 8 paper copies. All fees need to be paid. These may include invoiced fees for review, monumentation check, in-lieu of affordable housing, park fees and recording fees. A map will also require a tax certificate and guarantee for the recorder's office. All documents will need to be signed along with executed deeds, subordination agreements or joint use agreements as applicable. In addition, if there was a discretionary action with your project, all conditions of the resolution need to be approved prior to recordation. Upon final processing, the document or parcel map will be recorded. A final map requires additional time.

Final processing of a final map requires a public notice in accordance with the Subdivision Map Act. A reduced copy (8.5 x 11) of the map and a vicinity map are required for the notice. It is simply a public notice that is on the Council's consent agenda. This is followed by a ten-day appeal period. If there are no appeals, upon the tenth day after the council meeting, the map may be recorded. The requirements noted above are applicable.

Once the map/document is recorded at the County Recorder's Office-constructive notice is given. That simply means that it shows up on the title of the real property. In the instance of a vacation, it is now removed from the title of the real property.

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