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Determine Your Property's Zone

Most property in the City is assigned one base zone, although some properties have more than one base zone. Base zones identify the uses allowed on a property and the development regulations that apply to the property. Overlay zones, which may modify the provisions of base zones, are applied to some properties.

Types of Zones

Most property in San Diego falls into one of the following types of base zones:

  • Residential - areas designated for single and multi-family residences;
  • Commercial - areas intended for businesses that provide consumer goods and services as well as a wide variety of commercial, retail, office and recreational uses;
  • Industrial - areas intended for research and development, factories, warehousing and other industrial uses;
  • Agricultural - areas now used for agricultural and farming purposes that may be developed for urban use sometime in the future; and/or
  • Open Space - public recreational uses or area to be left in a generally natural state.

How to Obtain Zoning Information on Your Project

  • The Official Zoning Map allows you to view the base zoning applied to your property. You can view your property visually on the City's grid map or enter the address of your property. Once you submit, the "More Info" link provides additional details about your property such as the zoning name and the adopted Municipal Code sections that regulate development of your property.

    You should refer to the following options to obtain information about overlay zones that may apply to your property.
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    • Call our General Information Number at 619-446-5000 to obtain additional zoning-related information. If there is a wait, we suggest that you use our convenient "call back" feature.
    • Overlay Zones and Requests for Other Zoning Information helps you determine if any other zoning designations apply to your property. Download the PDF icon Parcel Information (DS-302) and fax it to 619-446-5050.
    • To receive site information in person, feel free to visit our Development and Permit Information (DPI) counter at the Development Services Department , 1222 First Avenue, 3rd Floor. Walk-ins are welcome, but priority is given to those with appointments. Phone 619-446-5300 to schedule your appointment.


It is the property owner's responsibility to research property deed and title information for easements recorded on the property. Separate approval is required from each utility agency or private party for construction of improvements in easements including the Public Utilities Department of the City of San Diego. Structures are typically not approved in easements.

For instructions on researching property easements, please see the PDF icon Public Utilities Department Sewer Design Guide , Chapter 3, Section 3.4. For information on Encroachments in sewer easements, please see Section 3.3

Other Site Criteria

Beyond site zoning, other site criteria may determine which approval or permit is required. For example, a project for a property that lies within the Coastal Zone may require a special Coastal Development Permit prior to development. Existing buildings/structures or adjacent land uses such as closed landfills or burn ash sites may also have relevance to your project proposal.


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