San Diego

Board Members

David McCullough, Chair

Mr. McCullough is currently Principal Landscape Architect at McCullough Landscape Architecture, Inc. with nearly 17 years of experience. He also has experience with architecture, small businesses, construction industry and environmental services. Mr. McCullough is an active board member of the San Diego Architectural Foundation and the American Society of Landscape Architects. Mr. McCullough serves as the Landscape Architect on the Historical Resources Board.

Andrew Bowen

Mr. Bowen is a principal architect with KPA Associates, Inc., where he markets the company’s facility improvements work while providing forensic architecture services to a wide range of clients. He helps to resolve construction defect litigation by meticulous analysis of architecture, building codes, general construction, as well as by devising cost-effective methods of repair. Since he joined the firm in 1988, he has overseen more than 100 projects and has evaluated more than 7,000 residential units. His architectural experience in the public sector includes service in the Planning Department of Oakland, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, and the New York City Community Development Agency. A founding member of the AIA San Diego’s Preservation Committee, Mr. Bowen has restored Craftsman-style homes in Mission Hills and Golden Hill. He received his bachelor's degree from Stanford University and his master of architecture degree from the University of California, Berkeley. Mr. Bowen serves as an Architect on the Historical Resources Board.

Charlie Colvin

Mr. Colvin is a principal at BWE where he oversees a variety of structural engineering projects in almost all code acceptable structural mediums from wood and masonry to structural steel and light-gage metal. He has provided expertise on design, construction administration and project management to many project types, including military, commercial, civic, and residential including projects with historical designation. He has investigated many structural failures and deficiencies, and implemented plans for retrofit or repair that meet both safety standards and cost objectives. Mr. Colvin as a member of the Structural Engineers Association of San Diego and California, as well as the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. He received his bachelor's degree in structural engineering from University of California, San Diego. Mr. Colvin serves as a public member on the Historical Resources Board.

Dr. Diana Reynolds-Cordileone

Dr. Reynolds-Cordileone is a Professor of History at Point Loma Nazarene University. She has a strong background in ongoing research having been awarded numerous grants and fellowships including a J. William Fulbright Scholarship on three occasions. Dr. Reynolds-Cordileone is a published author and editor including multiple books and peer-reviewed articles, and has presented papers at many major conferences including the Conference on Women Writers, the International Society for Ethnography and Folklore, and the German Studies Association. In recent years Ms. Reynolds-Cordileone has been engaged in teaching and supervising research on San Diego history as a core part of her Historical Methods class, and has applied the skills she has learned in her rigorous studies of central Europe to her passion for local history. She is personally familiar with the processes and responsibilities of Historical Designation in San Diego as she lives in and is actively working to restore a home with a historical designation. Dr. Reynolds-Cordileone received her bachelor’s degree from San Diego State University and received both her master’s degree and doctorate in modern European history from UCSD.  Dr. Reynolds-Cordileone serves as the Historian on the Historical Resources Board.

Courtney Ann Coyle

Ms. Coyle is an attorney concentrating on Environmental, Historic Preservation, and Land-Use law, with a widespread history of experience in California Environmental Quality Act and National Environmental Policy regulations. She also works to preserve Native American tribal cultural heritage and historical resources. Ms. Coyle has been a devoted civic and community volunteer and has made a profound impact on the San Diego community through her years of service on a variety of civic, business, and community boards. Ms. Coyle serves as a public member on the Historical Resources Board.

Amy Strider Harleman

Ms. Harleman is an attorney in private practice focusing on commercial real estate transactions. She also demonstrates an extensive knowledge of general contracting, finance, and planning. She is a member of the Greater Golden Hill Community Development Corporation as well as a former member of the Save Our Heritage Organisation. Ms. Strider Harleman serves as a public member on the Historical Resources Board.

Tim Hutter

Mr. Hutter is an attorney at Allen Matkins LLP where he practices in the firm's litigation group. His primary focus is on business and real estate disputes, including contract, construction, joint venture, land-use and landlord/tenant litigation. Mr. Hutter has acquired a B.A. in political science from Yale University in addition to a J.D. from the UCLA School of Law in 2009.  Mr. Hutter serves as a public member on the Historical Resources Board.

Cindy Stankowski

Ms. Stankowski has served as the Executive Director of the San Diego Archaeological Center for nearly 20 years, where she works to preserve archaeological collections and promote their educational, scientific and cultural use. In 2014 the SDAC earned California’s Governor's Award in Historic Preservation under her direction, and she has worked closely with the City, private consultants and other public agencies, gaining valuable experience with the City’ s regulatory process. Ms. Stankowski is involved in her professional community, belonging to the American Alliance of Museums, Western Museum Association and the California Association of Museums, and is invaluable in the preservation of so much of the San Diego Region's archeological history. She received her bachelor's degree in archeology from San Diego State University, and her master's degree in museum studies from San Francisco State University. Ms. Stankowski serves as the Archaeologist on the Historical Resources Board.

Todd Pitman

Mr. Pitman is a landscape architect and planner with a wide-range of experience. Over the past 20 years he has demonstrated extensive expertise in the fields of landscape architecture, campus planning, historic preservation and construction management. Additionally, Mr. Pitman has been active in the preservation community; consulting on a number of historic sites throughout San Diego County. He currently serves as the Campus Landscape Architect at UC San Diego. Mr. Pitman serves as a public member on the Historical Resources Board.

Matthew Winter

Mr. Winter is an associate principal at BNIM Architects, a 2011 AIA National Architecture Firm Award winner. He has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and has been in the field of architecture since 2000. Mr. Winter has been an active member of the community as a board member of the Uptown Planners, and on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Beach Town Council.  Mr. Winter serves as a public member on the Historical Resources Board.

Dr. Ann Woods

Dr. Ann Woods is a Professor and Lecturer of Art and Architecture for San Diego State University and University of California San Diego with more than 17 years’ experience in providing unique and enlightening lectures on topics including Ancient Art, Greek Art, History of Architecture, Medieval Art and Architecture, Roman Art, and Castles, Cathedrals & Cities. Her career includes teaching the History of Architecture in the School of Art, Design, and Art History in the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts at San Diego State University. Dr. Woods' diverse insight into architectural history and art has provided many opportunities for her to present and participate as a panelist for various colloquiums and symposiums including presenting on Leonardo Da Vinci for the Department of Religious Studies at the University of San Diego. Dr. Dr. Woods holds a Ph.D. and a Master of Arts degree in Art History from the University of California, Los Angeles. She also graduated cum laude with a Bachelor of Arts degree in French from Pomona College. Dr. Woods serves as the Architectural Historian on the Historical Resources Board.