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Appeal of Designation

Can historical designations be appealed?

In accordance with San Diego PDF icon Municipal Code Section 123.0203 , a historical designation by the Historical Resources Board is appealable by any interested party to the City Council within ten (10) working days of the Board's action. The City Council will hold another publicly noticed hearing to consider the appeal. The decision of the Council to affirm, modify or overturn the historical designation is final. If the Historical Resources Board does not designate a site, but instead Notes and Files the information, then no appeal can be filed because to Note and File is not an action of the Board.

How do I file an appeal?

An appeal form is available at the City Clerk's office. The appeal form needs to be filled out completely, and supplemented with statements and/or evidence to support at least one of the three appeal findings in San Diego PDF icon Municipal Code Section 123.0203 . A City Council docket date will be set by City staff, and the City Clerk's office will send you a notice of the hearing.

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