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Submittal Requirements & Designation Guidelines

This section contains information and links to various forms necessary for historical designation, and is generally intended for designation of sites that are not associated with a construction project. If you have been informed by the Development Services Department that you need to prepare a historical study in association with a construction and/or discretionary project, you need to meet the Development Services Department's submittal requirements.

This section is still under development, so check back periodically for updated information. Until all of the submittal requirements and forms are linked from this page, you may use the contact information at the bottom of this page to request a designation package.

Historical Resource Report Guidelines and Requirements

Anyone submitting a site for a determination by the Historical Resources Board regarding the historical significance of the property must provide a Historical Resource Research report consistent with the adopted Historical Resource Report Guidelines and Requirements provided at the left. Anyone submitting a report in conjunction with a discretionary permit application.

Designation Criteria for City of San Diego Historical Sites

Any improvement, building, structure, sign, interior element, fixture, feature, site, place, district or object may be designated as historical by the City of San Diego Historical Resources Board.

Historical Districts

For information on nominating Historic Districts, please see our Districts page.


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