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Decision Makers (for Land Use and Development)

The decision maker varies on development projects based on several factors including:

  • Type of project proposed
    (rezoning, conditional use permit, building permit, etc)
  • Location of the project
    (Coastal Zone, Community Plan Implementation Overlay Zone, Beach Impact Area, etc.)
  • What is on the property
    (wetlands, historical structures, steep slopes, etc.)

Generally, projects with detailed regulations and no discretionary review necessary are typically decided by City staff. Projects that require discretionary review as provided in the Land Development Code are decided at a public hearing by:

For more detailed information about the development process see our online guide, Development Process: Step-by-Step.

Other Reviewers

In addition to public hearing, projects may also be reviewed by:

  • Smart Growth and Land Use Committee
    A committee of City Councilmembers that oversees a variety of land use, facilities, transportation and housing issues.
  • Historical Resources Board
    The Historical Resources Board reviews historical sites, approve historical districts, and review development projects where the site contains designated historical resources. The Board also establishes administrative policies that govern conduct of business, and historical standards and guidelines designed to clarify policy and provide direction to City staff.
  • Community Planning Groups
    For projects that require discretionary decisions, community planning groups review and make recommendations to approve or deny projects in their areas to the City Council, Planning Commission, city departments and other governmental agencies.
  • Community Planners Committee (CPC)
    The Community Planners Committee, which is composed of representatives from the Community Planning Groups, provides a forum to discuss citywide planning issues. See upcoming meeting agendas, minutes, resolutions, and other CPC resources.


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