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Condominium Conversion

Condominium Conversion Ordinance

PDF icon Condominium Conversion Ordinance as Amended June 13, 2006
On June 14, 2007, the California Coastal Commission unconditionally certified the Condominium conversion regulations adopted by the City Council on June 13, 2006. This means that the regulations are now also in effect within the Coastal Overlay Zone.

PROJECT IN PROCESS (deemed complete on or before June 13, 2006) and the tentative map is approved on or after the effective date of the ordinance (on July 27, 2006)

The project will be subject to all the regulations for condominium conversions except for parking (including those that became effective on March 9, 2006).

What this means for your project:

Regardless of where your project is in the review process, if it has not had a hearing by July 26, 2006, the project will be subject to the information below:

  • The applicant must review the new regulations and provide additional or revised information as appropriate in order to conform with the new regulations (building conditions report and landscape plan prepared in accordance with the code requirements). This means the required building conditions report and landscape plan must be reviewed and accepted by staff before any hearings can be scheduled.
  • Based on the above requirements, some projects may require deviations that were not anticipated at the time of original submittal. Please review this issue carefully.
  • For project with 20 or more units, the designation of affordable units on-site is required: please contact Ann Kern at the Housing Commission (619) 578-7582.
  • Contact Ann Kern at the Housing Commission (619) 578-7582 for requirements regarding Tenant Relocation and associated fees.
  • Notices: refer to the sample notices below. Make sure your project includes all the new required notices.
  • City staff will continue processing of all condominium conversion projects unless otherwise directed by the applicants. All such review is charged directly to the deposit account for the subject project and is non-refundable. If you wish staff to cease project processing, contact your City Development Project Manager immediately.

Please contact your assigned City Development Project Manager with any questions or submittal procedures.

    The project will be subject to all of the regulations for condominium conversions (including parking).
  • PROJECT THAT HAS BEEN THE SUBJECT OF A VALID APPEAL of its environmental determination as of June 13, 2006.

    The project will be subject to the regulations that were in effect at the time its submittal was deemed complete.

Process, Forms, and Guidelines

Information concerning the City of San Diego and Subdivision Map Act regulations and procedures for converting existing rental apartment units into condominiums.

Condominium Conversion Workshops

  • March 9, 2005
    Joint meeting of the Land Use & Housing Committee and Planning Commission to discuss condo conversion regulations.

  • March 3, 2005
    Development Services Department - Industry Workshop

    Condominium Process presentation that highlights key points about the approval process, tenant rights, noticing requirements, common processing pitfalls, and more...

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