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General Plan Update Amendments

The City Council approved amendments to City's General Plan in 2015. While land use and zoning designations on individual properties are not changing as a result of the General Plan update, key Land Development Code amendments must proceed concurrently with plan adoption. This is a result of several major policy shifts in the update. The General Plan, in recognition of the developed condition of the city's land supply, no longer includes the Tier (Phased Development Areas) system of "Urbanized, "Planned Urbanizing", and "Future Urbanizing". As a result the regulations must be amended to appropriately tie communities to adopted development regulations. In addition, the plan amendment initiation process is being removed from the Land Development Code and returned to a policy setting, the Land Use and Community Planning Element of the General Plan.

The PDF icon Land Development Code amendments are generally described as:

  • Replace the term "Future Urbanizing" with the term "Proposition A Lands" throughout the Land Development Code.
  • Replace the term "Planned Urbanizing" with "Planned Urbanized" in Residential Zones, Parking Regulations, and Site Development Permit and Planned Development Permit regulations. Add a new section to General Provisions, Section 131.0105 to be entitled Development Character Areas. This new section will explain the purpose of the geographical division (formerly based upon the Tier system) and explain the link to different zones and development regulations to maintain and develop development character based upon the age and location of community planning areas.
  • Delete SDMC Sections: 123.0104 (Rezoning in Planned Urbanizing), and 125.0442 (TM Exception Findings for the PUA) based upon the elimination of the Tier system.
  • Delete SDMC Sections122.0103 (Initiation of Plan Amendments) based upon the relocation of the initiation process and (revised) criteria to the Land Use and Community Planning Element.

For additional information regarding the draft Land Development Code amendments, please contact Anna McPherson at (619) 446-5276 or [email protected]. For additional information related to the General Plan update adoption schedule, please contact Nancy Bragado at (619) 533-4549 or [email protected].


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