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Outdoor Lighting Regulations

PDF icon Outdoor Lighting Regulations

On July 24, 2012, the San Diego City Council adopted an ordinance with amendments to Land Development Code PDF icon Section 142.0740 and PDF icon Chapter 14, Article 10 relating to local adoption of the California Green Building Regulations to reduce light pollution.

The City's outdoor lighting regulations are intended to minimize light pollution, promote lighting design that conserves electrical energy and provide adequate lighting for public safety.

The amendments allow for use of some broad spectrum lighting alternatives with better color rendition for safety and better energy saving technology for consumers. The ordinance includes new limits on color temperature and the amount of up-light allowed by new outdoor light fixtures.

The action also included adoption of a new local lighting zone map to facilitate implementation of state and local requirements. The ordinance is effective and applies to areas located outside of the coastal zone as of Sept. 6, 2012, and within the coastal zone as of Nov. 14, 2013.

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