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In April 2015, the City Council adopted the PDF icon 9th Update to the Land Development Code, which is a package of code amendments that became effective in areas outside of the coastal zone on June 4, 2015, and are still pending Coastal Commission approval for applicability within the coastal zone.

The 9th Update included significant regulatory reform items that benefit the craft beer industry consistent with the City's economic development strategy.

Examples include:

  • greater predictability in classification of use for breweries, tasting rooms and retail tasting stores (9th Update, Items #23 and 24);
  • a lower parking rate (9th Update, Item #39);
  • lower permit processing and associated development costs (9th Update, Items #13, 14, 41, 44); and
  • the ability to have live entertainment in industrial zones (9th Update, Item #29).

On June 4, 2013, the City Council adopted code amendments related to microbreweries.

The ordinance allows for local craft beer manufacturers to develop a restaurant or tasting room accessory to their beverage production manufacturing use to help better feature their product. The size of an eating and drinking establishment, which was previously limited to 3,000 square feet in most industrial zones, is now limited to 25 percent of the total gross floor area consistent with how accessory uses are typically regulated.

The ordinance applies to beverage manufacturers of at least 12,000 square feet in size located in industrial zones. Brewpubs, which are restaurants that manufacture small quantities of beer, will continue to be regulated as eating and drinking establishments as applicable to the restaurants location. The ordinance became effective citywide on December 12, 2013.

PDF icon Microbrewery Ordinance

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