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Code Enforcement Activity

Code Enforcement Activity XML Dataset

These are the datasets of all code enforcement cases in the City. They include cases closed within the last six months, or cases closed over the last three years. They contain the same data shown on the real-time, online code enforcement case maps. These XML datasets are published weekly. To view the datasets, download the ZIP files below and unzip the XML files.

Other Useful Resources

Complaint Types is a CSV (comma separated values) dataset that can be opened up in a spreadsheet. This is a list of all "Complaint Type Codes" used by Development Services. These are classifications of complaints. This list is updated as codes are added or removed. Codes are updated no more than quarterly.

This is a sequenced list of code enforcement remedies. Not all remedies are applicable for all cases.

Community Bounds is a list of bounding coordinates that puts a box around each of the Community Planning areas.


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