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The Development Services Department (DSD) utilizes the Project Tracking System (PTS) to both manage and track its permit processing functions. PTS is an in-house system which DSD began developing in 1998. Although PTS first went into production in 2001, it took several years to fully implement the system in terms of refinements, upgrades, and staff training. As staff became more proficient on the system over time PTS became more fully utilized. In addition, PTS has continuously been updated to enhance its capabilities, and business rules regarding its use have changed over time. As a result, much of the project information found on PTS during the initial years of its existence may not be as inclusive, detailed, or comprehensive as that found for more recent projects. Therefore, please be aware that many of the projects found on PTS may include only basic information. Please also be aware that the most complete source for project details on approved projects and permits can be found within the physical project files stored within the City's official files, which are stored in the Records Management Division of DSD.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I pay my invoice on-line?

Can I make a deposit on-line?

Invoice Statuses





Information on the invoice regarding Issuance of the invoice contains the date the invoice was issued, who it was issued by and who it was issued to.

The Invoice Detail section of the invoice contains information about the fee's being assessed on that specific invoice. It specifies detailed information on each fee listed and the calculation of that fee.

The Invoice Total is the total amount due for that specific invoice.

The Invoice Detail section of the invoice contains information about the fees being assessed on that specific invoice.

  • To view fee calculation information click on the next to the fee.
  • Fee's displaying as a credit are due to the fee being paid on a previous invoice and by clicking on the it will display the invoice number the fee was paid on.
  • The fees are grouped by Project, Job and Approval for which they are linked to.
  • At the end of the fees on each invoice is the Invoice Total which is the total amount due for that specific invoice.
  • At the bottom of the invoice the invoice revenue is displayed which shows where the fees are being distributed.


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