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Balboa Park

balboa park

The premier park of San Diego located in the city limits. Created in 1868 out of Pueblo Lands, the city park and "Reservation" has been at the center of the city's famous Expositions in 1915-16 and 1935-36. Home of the world renowned San Diego Zoo , the Park served as the destination center for visitors and citizens. The park features cultural events, city celebrations, educational museums and year round entertainment for all ages. The Records include photographs.

The archived documents for this section are still in the process of being converted from hard copy archived documents to digital archive files.

Rehabilitation of Park Buildings:

PDF icon Undated Hugo Klauber member of Park Board Re Rehabilitation of Park Buildings

PDF icon 27 April 1933 Condition of Exposition & other buildings in Balboa Park

PDF icon 17 October 1936 Balboa Park Rehabilitation

Naming and Origin of City Park to Balboa Park:

PDF icon 3 January 1911 Document 38825 Park Commission Naming City Park

PDF icon 3 December 1913 Park Commissioners Council Changing Public Park to Balboa Park

PDF icon 8 December 1913 Document 70594 City Attorney Regarding Naming 1400 Acre Public Park


PDF icon 1 June 1915 Deed of a gift -An organ from John D. & Adolph B. Spreckels

PDF icon 18 October 1920 Description land for school in Balboa Park

PDF icon 4 August 1922 Bond issue for paving Park Avenue

PDF icon 8 May 1975 Donation of 100 carp (koi) from Mr. Robert O. Peterson

Radio Station Contracts:

PDF icon 23 June 1931 KFSD Radio Station Contract Station Renewal 

PDF icon 27 June 1931 KGB Radio Station Contract 

Special Events:

PDF icon 20 December 1937 Christmas Greetings from the Lawn Bowling Club

PDF icon 29 April 1940 Donation of Ford Building -Plaque from H.W. Merkley 


PDF icon 22 January 1941 Accidents in Canyon North of Cabrillo Bridge


PDF icon 25 June 1942 Musician's Protective Association requesting retaining Organist Royal A. Brown

PDF icon 19 February 1948 National Rifle Association for indoor rifle range


PDF icon 19 September 1946 Request of V.F.W. for Balboa Park Building

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