EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant

This interactive map shows properties within the communities of City Heights and Southeastern San Diego that are being assessed through a United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Brownfields Assessment Grant. The $400,000 grant is being used to conduct environmental assessment studies for petroleum and hazardous substances. The map provides information on the sites being assessed.

Grant monies are still available. The assessment grants provide funding to:

  1. Characterize eligible sites and identify past uses through the completion of a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and to determine the likelihood of the presence of environmental contamination at the site;

  2. Conduct additional on-site investigations through a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment to determine whether contaminants are present typically through the collection and analysis of soil samples;

  3. Prepare a site Remediation Plan including its submission to and review by the appropriate governmental agencies; and

  4. Inform and engage the community.

For further information about the EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant and funding opportunities, please contact the City's Economic Development Department, at (619) 236-6700.

PDF icon Download a listing of the EPA Brownfields Assessment Grant Locations