High Praise from National Publications

Over the years, San Diego has received a lot of great press regarding its business climate. Below are just a few samples of the reviews the City has received.

"One of the top ten Happiest U.S. Cities To Work (#9)"
– Forbes, February 2011

"One of the 10 Best Cities to Start a Business in as a Young Entrepreneur (#7)"
– Under30CEO 2010

"San Diego is the Best City for Business in California"
– California CEO Magazine, February 2003

"San Diego is the Best Place in America for Business and Careers"
– Forbes Magazine, May 27, 2002

"San Diego is coming into its own as an entrepreneurial mecca. The shipping and defense industries of the past have given way to telecommunication and other high-tech companies that are revitalizing the city."
– USA Today, July 9, 1999

"San Diego is a Cinderella story of the U.S. economy."
– Forbes Magazine, May 31, 1999

"From its roots as a military town, San Diego has been transformed in just half a decade into a vital entrepreneurial center spawning garage start-ups and attracting giant multinationals doing research, marketing and manufacturing."
– The New York Times, March 24, 1997

"The main cause of San Diego's ascent is a pro-business, small-government political culture, coupled with a political leadership determined to translate those principles into policy. San Diego has chosen its course. Upon the formidable scientific infrastructure that grew up there, the city has imposed only a bare minimum of competativeness-sapping taxes, fees, and regulations. It has tried to create a livable environment for educated, middle-class citizens. The result: an economy of small, dynamic, high-tech firms that have created jobs and prosperity at an astonishing rate--giving a glimpse of the successful city of the future that those who guide our other major cities cannot afford to ignore."
– Manhattan Institute's City Journal, Winter 1997

"After the North American Free Trade Agreement, the Mexican connection is bound to grow. That and other changes--economic, demographic, cultural--are transforming a place which used to have a reputation as a sleepy navy town, a Californian cul-de-sac with a great climate and a nice zoo. Nowadays, San Diego can tout itself, without sounding ridiculous, as ?the first great city of the 21st century."
– The Economist, Feb. 3, 1996

"First in technology among America's 50 largest cities"
– Financial World, June 1995

"One of the world's best cities for business"
– Fortune, November 1994

"One of the top 10 U.S. cities for women entrepreneurs"
– Working Woman, March 1994

"Third best city in the west to locate a business"
– Entrepreneur, October 1993

"Second best U.S. city for achieving global business success"
– World Trade, October 1993