Education is a top priority in San Diego. As a result of recent legislation, class sizes from kindergarten to third grade have been reduced to less than 20 students per class. Studies show that the years from kindergarten to third grade are the most formative, and that by reducing class size, teachers can give more personalized attention to each student to raise their quality of education. To achieve the smaller class size, more than 250 new teachers have been hired and new schools are planned and funded for construction. Also, measures approved by voters in 1998 will pay for new schools and fund major improvements to all public schools in the City with new facilities, repairs, and upgrades.

San Diego's institutions of higher learning are well-respected throughout the world. San Diego has five highly-respected, four-year universities and has the highest percentage of college graduates of any city in the country. San Diego also tops all other U.S. cities in the number of Ph.Ds per capita.

San Diego is a Great Place for Education

  • There are 335 private schools throughout the City of San Diego.
  • Approximately 369,878 people in San Diego are enrolled in school, from nursery school to graduate or professional school.
  • 41.3% of San Diegans over the age of 25 has at least a bachelor's degree. Over 48% of San Diegans over the age of 25 has at least an associate's degree. More than 183,000 have some college education and 86% of people over 25 have at least a high school degree.
  • The University of San Diego is a private, nonprofit university well regarded for its outstanding undergraduate liberal arts education, as well as master's and doctoral programs in law, nursing, education, business and peace studies.
  • The award-winning scholars at the University of California, San Diego are experts at the forefront of their fields with an impressive track record for scientific, medical and technological breakthroughs. The University of California, San Diego is ranked the seventh best public university in the nation in the 2011 America's Best Colleges guidebook issued by U.S. News & World Report. UCSD ranks as the best university in the nation by the Washington Monthly's 2010 College Guide, based on the positive impact the university has had on the country. The global Web site Surfline currently ranks UCSD as the No. 1 campus in the nation for surfing, and UCSD is ranked the ninth greenest university in the country by the national publication Greenopia.
  • San Diego State University is the largest university in San Diego and the fifth largest in California. Renowned for its academic excellence, it is home to top-ranking programs in international business, entrepreneurship, speech-language pathology, geography and other areas. SDSU ranks No. 25 in the nation for racial diversity and among the top universities for economic diversity according to U.S. News & World Report's "America's Best Colleges 2011." Its Division 1 athletics are top notch, and in 2010 the men's basketball team ranked No. 6 in the nation.
  • There are eight community colleges located throughout San Diego County, and many private institutions of higher learning and business and vocational schools.