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Converting to Biweekly Yard Waste Collection

Here are some helpful tips you can use to ease the transition from weekly yard waste collection to every other week:

Reduce Your Green Waste

  • Water a little less. If done appropriately, this will slow grass growth. For a handy landscape watering calculator and other water conservation tips, visit the City's Water Conservation Program Web site.

  • Buy a mulching lawn mower. Newer or electric mowers pollute the air less. Mulching reduces the need to water as frequently and results in a healthier, more drought resistant lawn.
  • Change water-hungry landscaping to a drought-tolerant Xeriscape style. For information on water-wise landscaping:

Recycle Your Yard Waste

  • Try backyard composting. Purchase a backyard compost bin from Environmental Services Department for $19.95 (while supplies last). For more info call 858-694-7000.

  • Use a thin layer of grass clippings as a protective mulch around shrubs to control weeds and reduce water use.

Control Odors

  • Avoid leaving your lawn trimmings in an air-tight container. Either open the can lid a crack, or drill holes in the bottom of your bin to aerate the clippings.

Bin Storage

  • Minimize the number of containers needed by bundling as much yard waste as possible.

  • Buy stackable cans/bins to save storage space.
  • Purchase a reusable plastic yard waste sack from the Environmental Services Department for $20. Call 858-694-7000 for more information.
  • If you have a large lot, you may be eligible to purchase a 96-gallon automated green container, if resources are available. To be considered for eligibility, lot size must be one-half acre or larger and your yard waste production must be more than five - 32-gallon containers per week (160 gallons). If approved, the bin can be purchased for $50. Call 858-694-7000 for more information.

All collected yard waste is turned into high-quality compost and mulch at the Miramar Landfill. The City accepts only clean yard waste for collection. Your yard waste container will not be collected if it contains the following:

  • plastic of any kind, especially bags,
  • paper bags,
  • metal,
  • glass, or
  • trash of any kind.


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