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Laundry Tips

  • Remember to wash full loads and use lower temperature settings whenever you can. Purchase "Energy Star" models for the greatest savings.
  • Line dry clothes when possible.
  • When laundry day comes, wash only full loads, but do not overload your machine. Wash smaller loads only when you have a small-load attachment or variable water levels.
  • Use the cold water setting on your clothes washer when you can. Using cold water reduces your washer's energy use by 75%. Be sure to clean your clothes dryer's lint trap after each use. Use the moisture-sensing automatic drying setting on your dryer if you have one.
  • Use the correct amount of detergent. Too many bubbles make your machine work harder and use more energy.
  • Presoak or use the soak cycle when washing heavily soiled garments like your kid's soccer uniform. You'll avoid two washings and save energy.
  • Up to 90 percent of the cost of washing clothes comes from heating the water, so use hot water only for very dirty clothes, and always use cold water in the rinse cycle.
  • Fill your dryer, but do not pack it like luggage bound for Europe.
  • A dirty lint screen can cause your dryer to use up to 30 percent more energy-and it can be a fire hazard. Clean the lint screen after each load. Lowly lint has little use, and maybe you'll find that missing sock!
  • Keep your dryer's outside exhaust clean. A clogged exhaust lengthens drying time and increases energy use.Periodically inspect your dryer vent to ensure it is not blocked. This will save energy and may prevent a fire. Manufacturers recommend using rigid venting material, not plastic vents that may collapse and cause blockages.
  • If your dryer has an automatic dry cycle, use it rather than a timed cycle.
  • Use the cool-down cycle to allow the clothes to finish drying with the residual heat in the dryer.
  • Since lightweight items take less drying time, separate loads into heavy and light items. Underwear and rugs do better if kept apart!
  • Look for the ENERGY STAR® and EnergyGuide labels
  • Install a solar clothes dryer (a clothesline)! It will give your clothes a "fresh outdoors" smell.
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