San Diego

General Energy Information FAQ

How does the California Energy Market Work?

The California electric marketplace is a complex interaction of state, local and federal agencies, private enterprise and not-for-profit organizations. For a simplified overview of the current operational and regulatory interactions see the California Independent System Operator (ISO) diagram.

How do I tell when my area is going to be blacked out?

The California Independent System Operator (ISO) determines a level of load reduction that is needed to maintain grid reliability. They notify the local utilities of their share of this amount. It is up to the individual utilities to determine how they will implement the load shedding (i.e. rolling blackouts). Utility policies differ. To determine whether you will possibly be blacked out, see the SDG&E Energy Update.

How do I tell if my local Library or Park & Recreation facility will be effected if there is a black out?

See the map of local PDF icon Libraries and Park & Recreation facilities that will be effected in case of a black out.