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Lead Safe Housing Registry

The City of San Diego's Lead Safety Collaborative program concluded on December 13, 2017. Landlords of rental properties that had lead hazards remediated through this program are registered in the "Lead Safe Housing Registry." These property owners have agreed to give priority to renting these units to families with a child under the age of six for at least three years after the property had been "cleared" of lead hazards.

The Lead Safe Housing Registry

The Lead Safety Collaborative program accomplishments include:

  • Lead hazards were remediated in 150 low income housing units, maximizing the number of children protected from lead poisoning and other housing-related hazards. Of these 150 households:

    • A total of 226 children less than 6 years of age that lived in or frequently visited 149 of the 150 units renovated.
    • The average household income was $33,600
  • In partnerships with Urban Corps of San Diego County (UCSDC), 12 EPA Certified “Renovator, Repair and Painting” classes were provided to 259 students enrolled in UCSDC training program throughout the grant cycle. UCSDC is a non-profit organization working to provide low-income individuals ages 18-25 with education and training in various trades to help them gainful employment after graduation.
  • 6 Healthy Homes related trainings were provided to 101 health and housing professionals
  • A State Certified Lead Worker and Lead Supervisor training was provided to 17 local contractors to increase the number of certified lead workers and supervisors in the local workforce.
  • Health educators participated in 5 public health fairs, and provided 24 educational presentations to a variety of community health and housing organizations and schools. These venues allowed the health educator to learn of the individuals living and work environments and their personal concerns which allowed them to provide the educational information that best suited their needs These events were also used to informed the public and these professionals of the grant resources that were available.
  • 295 Children had their blood lead levels tested

Several community organizations and partners contributed to the success of the grant.

  • The Environmental Health Coalition (EHC) was the programs only sub grantee and was responsible for the enrollments, education, and resident relocations services. EHC donated $88,995 of in-kind services to the project.
  • Four homes were renovated in partnership with Rebuilding Together San Diego.
  • Urban Corps of San Diego County implemented the U.S Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) Certified Renovator Repair and Painting (RRP) training into their existing training curriculum, resulting in 259 participants being trained through this program.
  • Four units were enrolled into the Metropolitan Area Advisory Committee (MAAC) Project’s Home Energy Assistance Program.
  • The County of San Diego participated in 4 blood lead testing events, and provided lead poisoning prevention education to parents during each event. These events were hosted by Central Elementary School, Cherokee Point Elementary School, the Linda Vista Public Library and Alice Birney Elementary School.