Community Cleanup Schedule

The two types of major Community Cleanup and Recycling Events in the City of San Diego are bin and packer.

Bin Cleanups:

  • Bring items to a specific location.
  • For designated drop-off locations or more information, please call the designated Inspection Officer listed below.

Packer Cleanups:

  • Place the items at curbside where regular trash is collected.
  • For specific boundaries of the cleanup or more information, please call the designated Code Enforcement Officer listed below.

*Note:  Schedules may change. Contact the Inspection Officer to confirm details.

Date Area Type Inspection Officer Phone Number
Sat. Feb. 11 Rolando Packer Truck J. McRae 858-627-3340
Sat. Feb. 25 Skyline Packer Truck A. Alvarado 858-627-3317
Sat. Mar. 11 PDF icon Qualcomm Stadium Packer Truck A. Evans 858-492-5045
Sat. Mar. 25 Azalea Packer Truck R. Morales 858-627-3315
Sat. Apr. 8 College Packer Truck Z. Sullivan 858-573-1202
Sat. Apr. 22 Mira Mesa Packer Truck T. Wright 858-492-5084
Sat. May 13 Sherman Heights Packer Truck K. Gower 858-492-5012
Sat. May 27 Mountain View Packer Truck J. Gutierrez 858-627-3381
Sat. June 10 Mission Bay Packer Truck G. Warren 858-492-5079
Sat. June 24 South Bay Packer Truck M. Weathersby 858-492-5008