Does Your Project Generate Trash?

If your (residential or commercial) project generates waste that needs hauling:

  1. Use a City-approved Hauler
  2. Understand Hauler Rates and Services
  3. Minimize Costs by Recycling
  4. Know Subcontractor "Cans and Cannots"

1. Approved Haulers

The City of San Diego has a type of franchise system for commercial waste hauling described in San Diego municipal Code Section 66.0101 et seq. Therefore, it is unlawful for a business to haul commercial waste without a franchise or use a nonfranchised company. Failure to comply with this code section can result in civil or criminal prosecution. All projects that generate waste that needs hauling must use a franchised commercial waste hauler.

2. Understand Hauler Rates and Services

The City of San Diego does not set the rates that haulers charge their customers, but does provide a list of all franchised haulers so customers can inquire about service. Take the time to research and review each franchised hauler’s prices and choose the one that meets a project's particular service needs.

3. Minimize Costs

Recycling at a construction site may reduce costs and is good for the environment. See ESD's Construction and Demolition (C&D) Recycling page for details on how to recycle on construction sites and for a list of C&D PDF icon recyclers.

Last Chance Recycling also offers haulers the opportunity to divert recyclable material from the landfill. Located directly after the Miramar Landfill Fee Booth, Last Chance Recycling accepts the following materials:

  • Scrap Metal
  • Clean Wood
  • Cardboard

This facility is intended to make recycling easy for haulers who don't have enough recyclable material to take to a buy back center, or who have so much contamination in their load that they have to pay full disposal rates despite the recyclable material.

4. Subcontractor "Cans and Cannots"

Subcontractors can self-haul waste that their subcontract work generates, but cannot haul for another contractor on the job site. That means that not even one piece of another subcontractor’s material can be placed in a bin that is not their own. Subcontractors may NOT mix waste with other subcontractors for purposes of disposal.

For more information, please contact the Environmental Services Department's Franchise Administration at 858-573-1253.