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Potential Benefits Of C&D Recycling

Image of C&D Tonnage by Material Pie Chart

Approximately 35 percent of the total waste disposed in the Miramar Landfill is recyclable C&D material. As a result, approximately 250,000 tons of mixed C&D waste continues to enter the Landfill each year. By diverting 50 percent of the C&D entering the Miramar Landfill, the City will:

  • Increase overall waste diversion in the landfill by over six percent
  • Avoid state penalties
  • Save landfill space

Approximately 250,000 tons of mixed C&D waste continues to enter the Miramar Landfill each year. At the current rate, Miramar Landfill, the most central and only City operated landfill, is expected to close by 2012.

Economic Benefits

Recycling C&D debris help you save money by:

  • reducing project disposal costs - in general, recycling fees are less expensive than landfill disposal fees
  • reducing the cost of some materials by recycling on-site, and
  • eliminating the need for new materials for road base, mulch and landscaping - recycled materials are as good or even better than some virgin materials.
Approximate Tipping Fee Cost Comparison for Local Disposal and Recycling*
Construction and Demolition
(Miramar Landfill)
Mixed C&D Recycling
(SANCO Resource Recovery (EDCO))
Recyclable Green Waste
(Miramar Landfill)
Recyclable Concrete
(local recycling facilities)
Tipping fee: $72/ton Tipping fee: $48/ton Tipping fee: $22/ton Tipping fee: $10/ton
+ Franchise fee: $16/ton + Franchise fee: $16/ton + Franchise fee: None + Franchise fee: None
+ AB 939 fee: $10/ton + AB 939 fee: $10/ton + AB 939 fee: None + AB 939 fee: None
$98/ton (average)** $74/ton (average)** $22/ton (average)** $10/ton (average)**

*Assuming debris is hauled by Franchise Waste Hauler

**Pricing varies by type of hauler and quantity

Environment Benefits

  • reducing air pollution,
  • reducing traffic problems, and
  • reducing need for mining raw materials.
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