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What are My Responsibilities Under A.R. 35.80?

PDF icon Administrative Regulation (A.R.) 35.80 became effective April 4, 2007 with the purpose of establishing guidelines and procedures for purchases of environmentally preferable products and services.

What does A.R. 35.80 require?

A.R. 35.80 states that "City departments shall purchase Environmentally Preferable Products or non-professional services whenever possible by taking into consideration appropriate environmental attributes or benefits along with price and performance standards."

What are "appropriate environmental attributes?"

A.R. 35.80 identifies twelve basic environmentally preferable characteristics, or attributes. These attributes are to be used in evaluating whether a given product or non-professional service is environmentally preferable. Refer to the PDF icon EP³ Glossary for definitions of these terms.

  1. Alternative Energy Source
  2. Bio-based
  3. Biodegradable
  4. Compostable
  5. High Recycled Content
  6. Low Toxicity
  7. Low Volatile Organic Compound (VOC)
  8. Pollution (air, water, solid waste) Reduction
  9. Recyclable
  10. Repairable
  11. Resource Efficient (water conserving and/or energy efficient)
  12. Reusable

What documentation must be submitted?

Prior to preparing specifications for any product or non-professional service, conduct an evaluation based on the above twelve attributes. An PDF icon Environmentally Preferable Purchasing Evaluation Checklist is available to assist with evaluation of products and non-professional services. If an environmentally preferable product or service is not selected for use, employees must submit a PDF icon Procurement Justification Form along with their purchase request.

The Purchasing & Contracting Department and Environmental Services Department will prepare an annual report to the Mayor that tracks the implementation of this A.R. All City departments and divisions are responsible for submitting EPP Evaluation Checklists, Procurement Justification Forms, and procurement data on EPP to the Purchasing & Contracting Department.

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