No, These Items Can't Be Recycled in Your Blue Container

These items cannot be recycled in your blue recycling container either.
Photo of Clothing, Textiles & Shoes
Used Clothing
(Donate usable items)
Photo of Ceramics
Photo of Grocery Bags                  Photo of Syringes
Plastic Bags
(Return to Retailer)             Medical Sharps*
Photo of Batteries
Photo of Toxic Product Containers
Toxic Product Containers*

Collage of  Propane Tanks and Cylinders
Propane Tanks/Cylinders and Helium Tanks*
Refillable propane tanks can be refilled or

exchanged. Disposable helium tanks should

be emptied through normal use and recycled

at a metal recycler or disposed in the trash.

Check with a recycler for acceptance


*Please call 858-694-7000 for disposal options.