Yes, These Items Can Be Recycled

Photo of Glass Bottles & Jars
All Glass Bottles
and Jars
Photo of Empty Aerosol Cans
Empty Aerosol Cans
Photo of Plastic Bottles & Jars
All Plastic Bottles and Jars
Photo of Cardboard
Photo of Aluminum cans
Aluminum cans
Photo of Paper Bags
Paper Bags
Photo of Aluminum Foil, Foil Trays
Clean Aluminum Foil, Foil Trays
Photo of Cartons and Drink Boxes
Cartons & Drink Boxes
Photo of Newspapers
Photo of Metal Cans
Metal Cans
Photo of Phone Books
Phone Books
Photo of Paper or Frozen Food Boxes
Paper or Frozen Food Boxes
Photo of Mail & Magazines
Photo of Paper & Catalogs
Magazines and Catalogs
Photo of Clean Plastic Food Packaging
Clean Plastic Food Packaging
(No compostable plastics or PLA, Styrofoam plastic film, bags or utensils)
Photo of Plastic Buckets, Tubs, Pots and Toys
Plastic Buckets, Tubs, Pots and Toys*

*Other non-food plastics that are accepted include large items such as plastic crates, totes, laundry baskets, pallets, and lawn furniture. These types of items must usually be broken down to fit into the blue recycling carts. If they are jammed into the carts or protruding out of the carts, the recycling truck may not be able to empty your cart.