Regular Trash and Recycling Collection Services on President's Day, Feb. 18.  Read More about holiday impact on trash collection


San Diego

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Presidio Place Condominiums

403 unit condo complex with studios, one, two and three bedroom units

Photo of Presidio Place Condominiums

  • 12 four cubic yard trash dumpsters inside enclosures, serviced two days a week

  • Each building has two trash chutes that were constantly clogged with cardboard and large bulk items
  • Members of Home Owners Association (HOA) were interested in implementing recycling collections at the complex

Photo of Previous Presidio Place Condominiums Full Dumpster  Photo of Previous Presidio Place Condominiums Full Dumpster

The City of Diego Environmental Services provided technical assistance and a recycling program was implemented in December 2007

  • 6 six cubic yard trash dumpsters and 6 six cubic yard recycling dumpsters
  • One trash chute and one recycling chute in each building
  • Trash collection twice a week and recycling collection once a week
  • Recycling collection services will increase as residential participation increases

Recycling Dumpster

Photo of Recycling Dumpster

Trash Dumpster

Photo of Trash Dumpster

  • Current savings is over $100 per month on waste collection with future cost reductions as recycling volume increases
  • Recycling signage is posted on trash chutes, recycling chutes and enclosures
  • Residents are provided recycling information in monthly newsletter articles and postings on bulletin boards
  • Building chutes are no longer clogged and dumpsters are no longer overflowing
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