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Reimbursement Agreement

Often times it is advantageous for the City to have a developer construct certain infrastructure improvements, which directly benefit the City, as well as the developer. The improvements consist of street improvements, parks, libraries, fire stations, and police stations. Reimbursement to developers could be in the form of cash and/or credits against future building permits issued. The City enters into agreements for the reimbursement to developers or other parties for the cost of infrastructure improvements which provide benefit to the community. These projects are included in either a Public Facilities Financing Plan (PFFP) or Impact Fee Study (IFS) and the City Capital Improvements Program (CIP) budget. 

Reimbursement Agreement Application Submittal

To initiate a request for a Reimbursement Agreement, an applicant must first contact the applicable Facilities Financing Project Manager to determine eligibility of the project for reimbursement.  Once a project is determined eligible for reimbursement, certain steps need to occur in order to begin the process.  A deposit of $10,000 is required to set up an account  to be used by staff for administration expenses necessary to take the reimbursement agreement to City Council for approval and final execution.  Additional deposits may be required to keep the deposit account positive.  Any account balance remaining after execution of the reimbursement agreement will be refunded to the applicant.  The steps for agreement initiation are as follows: 

  • Complete General Application form DS-3032, found PDF icon here.
  • Complete Deposit Account/Financially Responsible Party form DS-3242 found PDF icon here.
  • Return completed and signed forms to applicable Facilities Financing Project Manager.
  • Once the Project Manager has set up the deposit account, they will invoice the applicant for the $10,000 deposit.
  • Applicant pays the deposit in person at the Development Services Department or on-line at OpenDSD
  • Once deposit is paid, negotiations and processing of the agreement can begin.


Reimbursement Agreement Contracts/Insurance Checklist for Public Works Department Review:


To facilitate the contracts Division review process insuring all required documents are in place.

Executed Reimbursement Agreements

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