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Special Event Medical Services

Photo of Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

San Diego plays host to a wide variety of public events from professional football and baseball to community pancake breakfast fund raisers. Rural/Metro San Diego provides services to ensure events in the City and throughout the county receive quality medical support services.

Special Event Medical Services are important to ensure an event remains healthful and safe for all participants. For example, a small event, such as a street fair, that has little stress on its participants can be covered by a single Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). Larger gatherings like marathons or Padres games, require the development of a more comprehensive medical team plan which may include EMTs, paramedics, nurses and physicians. Athletic trainers, massage therapists, chiropractic care and other medical disciplines can also be provided.

For more information on Special Event Medical Services, please call 619-280-6060 Ext. 307 and ask for the special event medical services manager.

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