Dana Brown

Photo of Dana Brown

Dana Brown is the Southern California Regional Community Facilitator for ACEs Connection Network. A social entrepreneur, Dana has founded a character development program at Tierrasanta Elementary in San Diego, CA; co-founded Youth Voice and OurSOLES (Our Students of Leadership ~ Empowerment ~ Service), founded Youth Leadership with TICS (Trauma Informed Community Schools) and Youth Leadership with McGill School of Success, a commissioner on the City of San Diego Commission on Gang Prevention & Intervention and Chair of the Youth Committee, and has been vested with several boards and advisory councils, including the San Diego Trauma Informed Guide Team, HHSA (Health, Human Services Agency) Trauma Informed Systems Integration Champion Work Group, and University of San Diego's Character Development Center. Receiving the Joy McAllister Advocacy Award from Mental Health America in 2014, President Obama's USA Volunteer Presidential Award in 2013, and the City of San Diego's Human Relations Commission Award in 2009, Dana is living her soul's purpose of co-creating with like-minded individuals our systems change in a socio-ecological model through advocacy, prevention and resiliency building.