San Diego

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Neil Good Day Center/Day Center Facility for Homeless Adults

The Neil Good Day Center (NGDC) currently serves as a point-of-entry to a variety of homeless services in San Diego. NGDC also provides homeless individuals with access to mail services, a laundry facility, showers, and a safe environment away from the city streets during the day. Located at 299 17th St. in downtown San Diego, NGDC also offers San Diegans case management, medical and counseling services, legal assistance, a computer lab, and storage for belongings.

For more information on the Neil Good Day Center, contact St. Vincent de Paul Village by phone (619-233-8500) or by visiting its website.

The Day Center Facility for Homeless Adults is located at 1402 Commercial St. in downtown San Diego (on the St. Vincent de Paul campus) and is operated by St. Vincent de Paul.


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