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Expanding Shelter Options: Hope @ Vine Campus Lease Will Have a Public Hearing Soon

Hope @ Vine Campus

The vision for the City’s new Hope @ Vine Campus on Kettner Boulevard in Middletown is coming into sharper focus, and expected to be considered in public by the City Council later this month.  

As part of our continued commitment to address homelessness and get people off the streets and connected to care, this new shelter initiative will be a state-of-the-art facility designed to serve over 30,000 San Diegans over the next decade. We hope to offer services like case management, employment training and behavioral health treatment for individuals and families to help set them on a path to permanent housing.  

Spearheaded by our Homelessness Strategies and Solutions and Economic Development Departments, the Hope @ Vine Campus proposes to feature a commercial kitchen, laundry facilities, outdoor patios, recreation areas and gardens, ensuring a supportive and secure environment for residents. Additionally, 24-hour staff and on-site security measures will enhance the safety of the shelter.

We’ve already made significant progress expanding shelter options in San Diego, with the addition of our successful Safe Sleeping program and expansions of various other shelters.

The Hope @ Vine Campus will be designed in a way that appeals to people who do want to enter shelter. With 48% of people experiencing homelessness in Downtown San Diego responded “yes” when asked in survey if they would accept shelter at a congregate site, we expect this new campus will help bring in large encampments off the streets.  

We have asked City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera to docket Hope @ Vine for a hearing in July. As we move forward, we continue to work closely with the San Diego Housing Commission, local service providers and other City departments to finalize design, layouts and operational plans. This collaboration ensures that our shelters not only provide immediate relief, but also foster long-term stability and growth for our residents.