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Let's Make a Deal! City Unveils Online Transaction Space

D.O.T.S. Designated Online Transaction Space

The proliferation of online platforms such as Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, LetGo, Offer UP, and Shopify has made selling items you may no longer want a breeze. Unfortunately, these platforms attract scam artists and predators looking to take advantage of innocent people. D.O.T.S. (Designated Online Transaction Space) provides a convenient, public meeting place for people to carry out or complete an online or private sale.

“As Chair of the Committee on Public Safety and Livable Neighborhoods, I am honored to champion D.O.T.S. You cannot put a price tag on peace of mind,” stated Councilmember Chris Cate.

Marked with City of San Diego signs in a well-lit and camera-covered area, D.O.T.S. is in clear view of the San Diego Police Department’s front door. There is no appointment necessary and the facility can be utilized at any time of day.

D.O.T.S. is a first-of-its-kind pilot program in the San Diego region, with hopes for expansion in the coming year.

“I think the city is doing a wonderful service for everybody,” said Ted Brengel, an online seller. “You’re making the transaction right in front of police station, now who is going to do something rotten there?”