News & information from the City of San Diego

News & information from the City of San Diego

From the Mayor's Desk: Making Progress on New Safe Sleeping Site at 'O' Lot 

City crews are hard at work preparing a piece of City property called the “O” Lot, which will open this fall as a new Safe Sleeping site for hundreds of people. 

Located in the Balboa Park area, adjacent to the Naval Medical Center San Diego, the O Lot was previously used as an overflow parking lot. In order to allow for specific site access, City crews worked to expand and stabilize a separate access road for travel to and from the lot. The road was widened to allow for delivery and emergency vehicle access. This road will only be used by those accessing the Safe Sleeping site and will not allow for public access or be used as a thoroughfare. 

City crews are also busy constructing platforms that will provide an even foundation for tents and offer added protection against ground moisture and weather conditions. 

Our new Safe Sleeping Program is an important piece of the City’s Comprehensive Shelter Plan. Safe Sleeping sites operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offer safe, legal camping space as an alternative to traditional shelters for people experiencing homelessness.  

Safe Sleeping clients get a tent, a cot, meals and access to bathrooms, showers, handwashing stations and drinking water. Each client also has a case manager who helps them get the resources they need to end their homelessness. 

Our Safe Sleeping site at 20th and B Streets in Golden Hill has been extremely successful at bringing in people who have refused other shelter options. As of Tuesday, we had 145 people staying at the site. 

The Safe Sleeping program is just one part of the City’s new Comprehensive Shelter Strategy, which defines the City’s shelter needs and its plans to fulfill them over the short, medium and long term. 


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