San Diego

Continuing Disclosure Annual Reports

The Following Archival Information Is Provided For Historical Purposes Only And May Not Be The Most Current Information Available. Archived materials are marked with a "Dated Date" and speak only as of that Dated Date. No inference should be made that the operations of the City of San Diego and/or other economic conditions have remained the same since the Dated Date. You are cautioned not to assume that any information has been updated beyond the Dated Date unless a document expressly states that it constitutes an update of a specific portion of another document. The City of San Diego expressly disclaims any duty to provide an update of any document contained in this section, except as required by law. Certain obligations and related obligations are subject to the continuing disclosure requirements of the Securities and Exchange Commission's Rule 15c2-12 relating to annual reports. Annual Report information for certain issues is consolidated into one Annual Report covering multiple issues where practical to do so. Annual Reports for any particular bond financing are comprised of the annual financial information and the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).