San Diego

Capital Lease-to-Own Agreement for 1200 3rd Avenue & 201 A Street Bank Loan

Facts at a Glance

A few basic facts about the agreement are provided for general reference. This is not a summary of the agreement. Investors must read the relevant official statement, continuing disclosure annual report and/or other documents in their entirety to obtain information essential to making an informed investment decision. The information presented on this page is subject to change without notice. While this information has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, the City offers no assurance that such information is current, does not guarantee the accuracy of this information, and is under no obligation to update any of it. For current information with respect to credit ratings, you are encouraged to contact the credit rating agencies.

Description Effective Date Maturity Original Amount Balance Outstanding as of 6/30/2016
03/13/2015 2035 $44,000,000 $43,554,000


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