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Citywide IT Budget

The IT Department coordinates and manages the development of the annual Citywide IT budget, jointly with the Financial Management Department and the Office of the City Comptroller; negotiates service rates with vendors; monitors and manages ongoing Citywide IT service costs versus budget.

The new vendor contracts are expected to save the City $13 million to $36 million over five years, compared with the average IT expenditures over the 2009-2012 fiscal years. The reports made to City Council when approving these contracts contain the background and calculations for these savings. Report #12-031 covers the first two contracts for Data Center, Service Desk & Desktop Support, and Application Development and Maintenance Services. Report #12-075 covers the third contract for Data/Voice Network Services. The Department will be closely tracking and reporting ongoing IT contract expenses, in addition to performance levels.

Current Year

PDF icon Fiscal Year 2019 Proposed Budget - Department of IT

Prior Year(s)

PDF icon Fiscal Year 2018 Final/Adopted Budget - Department of IT


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