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Who are SDPD Blue Arrows?

SDPD Blue Arrows are people who have made the commitment to live life as though they are already police officers. SDPD Blue Arrows are adults who hold themselves to a higher standard with the intention of one day wearing the badge.

How does it work?

  • Must be 18 years or older to be eligible
  • One-time, six-month program
  • Participants attend a monthly seminar at SDPD Headquarters, 1401 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Seminars cover topics such as employment history, driving history, life experiences and criminal history, among other topics that often can pose hurdles for applicants during the hiring process.
  • Completion of the program does not guarantee future employment with the San Diego Police Department.

SDPD Blue Arrows


Attendees will learn and understand the following at each seminar

Employment Seminar

  • How certain work conduct is detrimental to future employment
  • The necessity of courtesy
  • The basis of EEO
  • The proper use of computer equipment

Driving History Seminar

  • Driving with caution and care is extremely important in law enforcement
  • Officers are not above the law when it comes to the rules of the road
  • Officers bear a heavy responsibility concerning the safety of others on the road
  • How your driving behavior is a reflection of you

Life Experiences

  • How past offenses can be weighed in the hiring process
  • The parameters concerning domestic violence
  • Clarity on legal and illegal sexual behavior
  • What types of associations Department members are allowed to have
  • Clarity on drug use

Financial History

  • How financial management reflects your responsibility
  • Being financially responsible can help prevent you from becoming compromised
  • How to confront and overcome obstacles
  • Poor financial history is not the end of the road

Social Media

  • How your content becomes representation of the Department
  • How controversial posts never go away
  • Your posts can be used to contradict your character
  • The elements of the First Amendment pertaining to law enforcement


  • Recognize the traits associated with integrity
  • The definition of integrity pertaining to law enforcement
  • Why it is essential to law enforcement
  • How integrity can be tarnished as an officer

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