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Kevin L. Faulconer became the 36th mayor of San Diego on March 3, 2014, on a campaign message of bringing San Diego together and restoring integrity to City Hall.

Shortly after taking office, Mayor Faulconer began implementing his vision for "One San Diego," a unified city with an inclusive city government that creates opportunities for San Diegans and delivers results for every neighborhood.

In his first two budgets, Faulconer has focused on repairing neighborhoods and bringing more equality to community services. Faulconer has directed 50 percent of all new major revenue toward neighborhood improvements and doubled the miles of roads repaired annually to meet his goal of fixing 1,000 miles of streets over five years. He also increased the hours at libraries and recreation centers to their highest level in a decade and created an after school program for students in areas working to improve student achievement. He funded a new firefighter "Fast Response Squad" program and increased ambulance service, both of which have significantly improved emergency response times.

Faulconer has also made significant changes to make City government more inclusive, efficient and effective. He appointed Shelley Zimmerman as the first female police chief in San Diego history. Working with labor unions, he created an incentive program called San Diego Works that rewards employees for money-saving ideas that have generated $1.3 million in average annual budgetary savings so far. He created an online budget tool that shows San Diegans how their tax dollars are being spent. He also kicked off a major overhaul of the City's website that will make it more user-friendly and seeks to employ local San Diego tech companies to do the work.

In addition, Faulconer has strengthened binational relations with Mexican leaders; created a year-round indoor homeless shelter for families and veterans that replaced temporary outdoor winter tents; negotiated a five-year agreement with police officers to address recruitment and retention problems; increased funding for homeless services with a renewed focus on programs that provide services to end homelessness; revived the 2015 Balboa Park Centennial when it appeared the yearlong celebration might have to be canceled; and bolstered the economy by inking economic development packages to ensure that local, innovative companies continue to thrive and grow in San Diego.

Faulconer previously served as the District 2 City Councilmember for more than seven years, including as Council President Pro Tem. As chair of the Council's Audit Committee, he worked to restore the City's credit rating and repair its credibility with investors following a pension scandal.

Faulconer has a track record of delivering results for San Diego. In 2008, he took a lead role in drafting and supporting Proposition C, which passed with 67 percent of the vote. The measure ensured money generated in Mission Bay Park is invested there and at other City parks.

Faulconer also campaigned in 2008 for alcohol-free beaches and bays, a measure also supported by voters. In 2010, he helped lead the campaign against Proposition D, a sales-tax increase overwhelmingly rejected by voters. In 2012, he helped craft a successful pension reform initiative that is projected to save San Diego taxpayers nearly $1 billion over 30 years.

Prior to his election to the City Council, Faulconer worked in public affairs for more than a decade and was vice president of a leading firm where he managed complex projects within strict budgetary guidelines.

Faulconer graduated in 1990 from San Diego State University. He and his wife, Katherine, a small business owner, live in Point Loma with their children, Jack and Lauren.


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