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City of San Diego Website Redesign

Thank you San Diego. The survey is now closed.

We are proud to report an overwhelming response to help redesign San Diego's official website. More than 4,500 San Diegans and visitors took the opportunity to help us understand what they want from the City online. Nearly 1,000 people have offered to help test and refine the website in its next phase. Thank you to everyone who participated in the survey. We will periodically update this page with information about the website redesign process.

Developing the best website for San Diego is one of Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer's primary initiatives. To do this, we asked for input from residents, visitors, military service members and businesses. The City of San Diego website is being made by San Diegans, for San Diegans.

What is being done:

  • A survey went out to over 30,000 people. The survey was available in English, Spanish Vietnamese and Filipino.
  • Formal and informal interviews of staff, tourists and residents.
  • Data and website analysis

Why it's important:

  • San Diegans want the opportunity to be heard. We have a lot to say, let's make it easy to engage on the San Diego topics we care about.
  • City government is more effective when citizens are engaged. A great website will help the City be more responsive to the needs of its residents.
  • Residents want transparency. A great website can show what's getting done through the easily accessible information and that is visualized in a way that's easy to understand. It will also increase the City's accountability, speed and adaptability by using data to make and improve decisions.

What are the next steps?

  • The next phase of the project includes design, development and testing.
  • Once completed we'll move into implementation.
  • We expect to launch the new website in early 2016.
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