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Mayor: San Diego Must Reduce Water Use Like Never Before

Executive Order by Gov. Brown Makes Mandatory Water Cuts Likely

San Diego, CA – Today Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer issued the following statement in response to new water restrictions issued by Gov. Brown in Executive Order B-29-15.

“For years San Diego has responded to drought conditions by reducing water usage, but four years of unrelenting drought and record heat are moving California into uncharted territory. Gov. Brown’s unprecedented executive order will require San Diegans to come together and cut water use like never before. Immediately following the Governor’s announcement, City staff began working with our water suppliers and the state water board to determine next steps and ensure that San Diego is meeting Gov. Brown’s water reduction mandates.

While it’s likely that water allocations will be passed on to San Diego from our water suppliers in the near future, we cannot wait to cut our water usage. Today I call on every San Diego resident and business to reduce water use. Water conservation is a way of life and all San Diegans must follow the City’s mandatory Drought Alert regulations. My office will be making announcements in the coming days about additional steps the City will be taking.”

Previous regulations adopted by the state have already been enacted in San Diego. At the mayor’s direction last year, the City Council voted to move the City into Drought Alert status on Nov. 1, which calls for mandatory water use restrictions in response to the severe drought conditions statewide. The City’s existing year-round, permanent water-use restrictions further support the state’s new regulations.

Despite the conservation push here in San Diego, the water supply situation throughout the state remains critical. State reservoirs are below normal levels and will be dramatically impacted by the low water content of the snowpack in the mountains, which is at historic lows.

The serious drought condition in California also reinforces the need for San Diego to become more water independent. Mayor Faulconer and the City Council are moving forward with the cutting-edge Pure Water program, which would purify enough wastewater to provide one-third of San Diego’s water supply by 2035. It calls for the construction of nearly $2.8 billion in water-purification plants that would eventually produce 83 million gallons of drinking water per day./p>

The mandatory measures already enacted by the City include:

  • Watering only during 3 assigned days per week
  • Limiting the use of fire hydrants to fire fighting, construction, health and safety
  • No irrigation during rain
  • All leaks need to be fixed upon discovery
  • Using hose with a shutoff nozzle or timer for irrigation
  • Using recycled water for construction purposes, when available
  • All decorative water fountains can be operated only for maintenance
  • Restaurants shall only serve and refill water for patrons upon request
  • Guests in hotels will be provided the option of not laundering towels and linens daily

For full details on the mandatory water-use restrictions, see the attached PDF icon Fact Sheet.

To learn more about water conservation rebates and services, visit wastenowater.org.

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