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New Survey Shows Residents Happy with Public Safety and Libraries, Street Repairs are a Priority

Satisfaction Survey Part of Mayor's Push to Make City Government More Transparent, Responsive to Resident

Pie chart shows San Diego residents think the overall quality of services provided by the City has improved compared to several years ago.
Wednesday, March 2, 2016 - NEWS RELEASE
San Diego – Standing in a park with a freshly paved residential street behind them, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer, City Council President Sherri Lightner and Councilmember Scott Sherman today released the results of a newPDF icon Resident Satisfaction Survey that shows residents are happy with public safety and library services but want better streets and infrastructure.
“I’ve been pushing for more openness and transparency so City government can be held accountable and achieve results that help build our better future,” Mayor Faulconer said. “We’ve never done a survey as robust as this one – and now that we have this data – we can use it to make changes and get better results. And I will use this as evidence when I ask the City Council to continue funding my programs to ramp up street and neighborhood repairs.”
Nearly 2,500 residents participated in the scientific survey, which was conducted in November and December by ETC Institute – a national leader in market research for local governments. Residents were asked about their perceptions of the City of San Diego and the overall quality of City services, from public safety to street repair to libraries.
The survey results show that most residents have a positive perception of San Diego, giving it good ratings as a place to live (87%), raise a family (76%) and work (64%).
When asked about the overall quality of City services compared to several years ago, 43 percent of residents said the quality is “a little better” or “much better” while 35 percent said the quality is “about the same.” Services that ranked highest in satisfaction include fire-rescue (78%), libraries (76%), lifeguards (72%), emergency medical service (70%) and trash collection (70%).
“I'm pleased to see that emergency services, parks and libraries are among the services most highly rated in the survey,” said Council President Lightner. “These services and facilities are vital to our families and communities and, in this year's budget, I will continue to advocate to hire additional emergency personnel and restore hours for recreation and library programs.”
The City service with the lowest satisfaction ranking was maintenance of streets, sidewalks and infrastructure (24%).
The condition of San Diego’s streets is why Mayor Faulconer has begun a push to fix 1,000 miles of streets – more than one-third of the City’s entire street network – over five years. The City is spending about $74 million this fiscal year to repair 300 miles of streets on the path to meeting that goal.
“We know infrastructure is the most important issue for our residents and this survey is just a reminder that there is a lot of work left to do,” said Councilmember Kersey, Chair of the City Council’s Infrastructure Committee. “By investing more into our streets, sidewalks, libraries, parks and fire stations, Mayor Faulconer and this Council have shown their commitment to this issue. With the approval of the Rebuild San Diego measure, voters can ensure that City leaders continue to make infrastructure a top priority in the budget for years to come.”
The area that residents are least satisfied with is the City’s efforts to address homelessness (16%). The survey was conducted before Mayor Faulconer announced his “Housing Our Heroes” campaign in January’s State of the City address.
The “PDF icon Housing Our Heroes” campaign is a call to action to transition 1,000 homeless veterans off the streets over the next year. The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) has identified close to $12.5 million in federal, City and SDHC resources that will be invested to provide housing opportunities for homeless veterans in the city who are living on the streets or in shelters. The funding package includes Mayor Faulconer’s commitment of $4 million in City funds that the City Council unanimously approved Tuesday.
“Supporting our veterans is an important and personal matter to me. My father served in the elite 101st Airborne Division,” said Councilmember Scott Sherman. “Our veterans tirelessly served us and now it's our turn to serve them. I'm glad to see Mayor Faulconer and the City implementing programs to help homeless veterans.”
The survey results will be used to guide City leaders on how to better serve residents and provide responsive customer service.
View the PDF icon Resident Satisfaction Survey and high-resolution graphics.
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