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Mayor Faulconer Highlights Increased Funding for Crews to Fix Streets, Clear Storm Channels

Mayor’s FY2017 Budget Proposal Calls for a Near-Tripling of Annual Road Repair Funding Since Faulconer Took Office

Monday, May 9, 2016 - NEWS RELEASE

San Diego – With work crews paving a street behind him, Mayor Kevin L. Faulconer today highlighted the new trucking crew included in his proposed Fiscal Year 2017 budget that will significantly bolster the amount of street repair and storm channel clearing performed annually by City crews.
“We are fixing more streets and clearing more storm channels than at any time in recent history and this new trucking crew is going to help us do even more,” Mayor Faulconer said. “Given the seasonal restrictions on channel clearing, this crew can serve dual purposes and help improve our neighborhoods throughout the year. It will mean smoother streets, less flooding, and stretches our tax dollars so they are used more efficiently and effectively.” 
Mayor Faulconer has proposed investing $1.3 million to purchase six trucks and hire six drivers to be used for street repair and storm channel maintenance. 
During the spring and summer, the drivers will assist the City’s current three mill-and-pave crews working on streets – leading to increased efficiency and more road repairs. During the fall and winter, after the bird breeding season ends and environmental regulations allow crews to clear vegetation, the six new drivers will augment the four current drivers already clearing storm channels – allowing multiple channels to be cleared simultaneously.
With his latest budget proposal, Mayor Faulconer will have nearly tripled annual funding for street repair since taking office in 2014. The FY2017 budget plan calls for $109 million in streets funding – equivalent to repairing 380 miles of roads. The City is on track to exceed Mayor Faulconer’s pledge to fix 1,000 miles of streets over five years.
Mayor Faulconer’s budget proposal also boosts funding for storm channel cleanings by $5.8 million, enough to triple the amount of work completed annually.

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