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Binational Collaboration & Global Competitiveness

Commitment to Collaboration

  • In order to help facilitate collaboration between our region, Mayors Faulconer and Astiazarán, have committed to host biannual meetings with respective department directors

Our regional Memorandum of Understanding was signed on November 18th, 2014 and will allow the San Diego and Tijuana municipal governments to collaborate on several binational areas. Biannual meetings between directors began on February 2015 and throughout these reunions several regional topics will continue to be discussed including: economic development, technology and public safety.

Developing Regional Environmental Stewardship

  • Federal, state, and local NGO’s continue to work together to improve and protect binational wildlife and ecosystems

As part of the MOU, the Tijuana and San Diego governments are committed to work closer so our families can enjoy our most precious environmental assets on both sides of the border.

Utilizing Our Ports of Entry

  • The local ports of entry are one of the largest comparative advantages of our binational region.
  • Greater border efficiency will increase investment and sustainable job opportunities throughout our binational region.

Mayor Faulconer has focused on ensuring Federal, state and local policies have facilitated several border enhancement and redevelopment projects that will continue to make our ports of entry more efficient and improve wait times for all binational citizens year round. An estimated $735 million has been spent on the expansion of the San Ysidro Port of Entry which reduces wait times while increasing security technology and the Cross Border Express project will soon be processing travelers directly between San Diego and the Tijuana Airport.

We are continuing to work with federal authorities and our partners in Mexico to make viable redevelopment projects for our major ports of entry. Our binational region will continue to pave the way and become the model for the rest of the country in cross border infrastructure.

Growing the Regional Economy

  • Increasing regional commerce is an important area that our binational efforts are prioritizing.
  • Our region is a strategic part of multiple manufacturing supply chains within the energy, life sciences, electronics, and auto industries.

Together we have been able to become the number one medical device manufacturing capital on the planet. Other industries that have greatly benefitted from binational collaboration have been the tourism, real estate, retail and agricultural sectors. Our region has developed into a vital crossroad, linking together East Asian and Latin American markets to the rest of the United States. It is important that we continue to focus on the growth of all of these industries in order to become a binational center of innovation.

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