San Diego

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Results-Driven City Government

Proposed a Reform-Based Budget That Puts Neighborhoods First

  • More than 50 percent of major General Fund revenue growth is dedicated to infrastructure and neighborhood repair efforts
  • Includes savings from pension reform and managed competitions
  • Maintains five-year pensionable pay freeze
  • Balanced budget using fiscally responsible practices; funds reserves

This spring Mayor Faulconer released his first One San Diego budget proposal, which directs more money toward streets, neighborhood services and public safety. The fiscal year 2015 proposed budget puts neighborhoods first by prioritizing infrastructure repair and construction; funding critical police, fire and lifeguard needs; increasing funding for libraries, parks and a new after-school program; supporting homeless services; and enhancing transparency and open data initiatives. The $2.97 billion budget is balanced using fiscally responsible practices and continued savings from fiscal reforms. The spending plan also pays for neighborhood services without sacrificing the sound fiscal strategies that helped bring San Diego back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Creating a Culture of Efficiency and Effectiveness

  • New department focused on managed competition and streamlining City operations
  • Implementing data-driven solutions

Mayor Faulconer proposed a new Department of Performance and Analytics to focus on managed competition, government efficiencies, performance measures and strategic planning. Analytics staff will review department practices and policies to determine the most efficient way to conduct business, consolidate delivery of redundant services, and realize the maximum potential of new technologies that the City has implemented.

Streamlining City Communications

  • Creating a City Hall that speaks with one voice

Part of a City Council-approved plan to improve government operations, Mayor Faulconer is bringing all the City's public information officers under one roof. The Communications Department restructure consolidates all of the City's existing communication-related functions into one department to provide improved service to the media and public.


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