San Diego

Accessibility Tools

Creating an Open and Transparent Government

Streamlining City Communications

  • Creating a City Hall that speaks with one voice

Part of a City Council-approved plan to improve government operations, Mayor Faulconer is bringing all the City's public information officers under one roof. The Communications Department restructure consolidates all of the City's existing communication-related functions into one department to provide improved service to the media and public.

Ended the Proposed Email Purge

  • Focus on increasing government transparency
  • Reaffirmed the public's right to access City documents

On March 18, Mayor Faulconer declared a new era of open government by officially rescinding a proposed policy that would have eliminated all City of San Diego emails more than a year old. Mayor Faulconer's decision ensured that none of the City's emails are eliminated. The Faulconer administration continues to work with the City's IT staff, leaders in the local tech community and the City's current vendor, Microsoft, to find the most cost-effective way to store data in perpetuity.

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