San Diego

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Rebuilding San Diego

Doubling Down on Pothole Repairs

  • Projected to double to 200,000 square feet the amount of asphalt repaired annually
  • 16 additional workers for pothole repair for a total of nine crews citywide, including 14 for asphalt repair (big potholes larger than 4x4 feet) and creating an additional two-person pothole repair crew (small potholes)

Mayor Faulconer is expanding the City's new Regional Pothole Program, which repairs potholes by neighborhood rather than waiting for complaints from residents. These changes are among several enhancements in the budget plan aimed at rebuilding San Diego's neighborhoods.

Prioritized Federal Funds for Neighborhood Improvements

  • Increased infrastructure funding from federal improvement grants by 33 percent, or $3.6 million annually
  • Boosts funding for streetlights, sidewalks and fire stations

On April 28, the City Council approved the first of many measures that support Mayor Faulconer's One San Diego vision, including a plan that redirects approximately $11 million in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development toward the City's infrastructure needs. CDBG funds are available for neighborhood improvements, such as streetlights, sidewalks and fire stations. The plan is part of the Mayor's focus on infrastructure, particularly in underserved communities.

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