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Protecting the Environment

A Commitment to the Environment

The Public Utilities Department continues to be a leader in the protection of our local marine environment. Our goal is simple: to protect the quality of our ocean water, its marine life and the people who rely on the ocean for recreation and livelihood.

Our professional staff of marine biologists, microbiologists, chemists and toxicologists collects and analyzes tens of thousands of ocean samples and a half million pieces of chemical, biological and oceanographic data annually, all to determine the effects of the Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant's discharge on the ocean environment. The results are excellent:

  • Fish in the waters off Point Loma are safe to eat.
  • A healthy population of fish, shellfish and bottom-dwelling animals is maintained.
  • Our beaches and kelp beds are not impacted by the plant's discharge.

In addition to monitoring our local environment, our Ocean Monitoring & Technical Services staff has worked with their Mexican counterparts to help them establish a monitoring and industrial pretreatment program of their own. The results are very promising with an end result that will benefit not only the citizens of Tijuana, but the residents of San Diego's South Bay and their beaches.

... and to the Community.

Public health and water quality are better protected today than ever before. With the finest employees, the latest technologies, an aggressive sewer spill prevention program, and the support of the community, the Public Utilities Department will continue to upgrade and improve the Metropolitan and Municipal Sewerage Systems to serve the citizens of Greater San Diego now and in the future.

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