San Diego

Links & Other Cool Sites for Kids

  • The Aqua Venturer - A Global Timeline and Database of Water Use, Abuse and Treatment
    Get ready for an adventure; take your parents and teacher, too. Oh, and make sure the media selection is set to "automatically download all audio..." for optimal gaming pleasure.

  • Check out Science News for Kids
    Ask questions of scientists featured in articles, try out mathematical puzzles, and submit your own work for possible web publication. How cool is that? To find information on our favorite subject, go to the search box and type in the word "wastewater".
  • Want more games?
    Visit the City of Tacoma, Washington's EnviroKids website. This website has word searches, songs and quizzes, too. Try singing "Flush it!" in around with your friends, while in the car with your parents.
  • To Kids' Space!
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