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Sewer System Improvements

Below is a list of City of San Diego sewer system improvement projects funded by the Fiscal Year 2008-2011 sewer rate increases. The Citys Capital Improvements Program is administered by the Public Works Department. For more details, see Infrastructure and Capital Improvements Program Contact Information page.

Trunk Sewer/Large Pipeline Upgrades

  • South Mission Valley Trunk Sewer
  • Ocean Beach/Sunset Cliffs Trunk Sewer
  • Lake Murray Trunk Sewer
  • East Point Loma Trunk Sewer
  • Balboa Trunk Sewer
  • East Mission Gorge Force Main Rehabilitation
  • East Point Loma Trunk Sewer
  • Harbor Drive Trunk Sewer Replacement
  • Montezuma Trunk Sewer
  • Miramar Road Trunk Sewer
  • Otay Mesa Trunk Sewer
  • South Metro Interceptor Sewer Rehabilitation Phase IIIB
  • USIU Trunk Sewer

Sewer Pump Stations & Treatment Plants

  • Sewer Pump Station 79 Upgrade
  • Citywide Sewer Pump Station Upgrades - Group 1
  • Sewer Pump Station 2 On-Site Standby Power
  • Sewer Pump Station 64 Electrical Upgrades
  • Sewer Pump Station 64 Fiber Optic Network
  • Metro Biosolids Center Improvements
    • MBC Biosolids Storage Silos
    • MBC Dewatering Centrifuges Replacement
    • MBC Odor Control Facility Upgrades
    • MBC Standby Centrifuge Feed Facilities
    • MBC Switchgear Reconfiguration
    • MBC Wastewater Force Main Extension
  • Point Loma Wastewater Treatment Plant Improvements
    • PLWTP Grit Processing Improvements Improvements
    • PLWTP Digester S1 and S2 Upgrades
    • PLWTP/NCWRP Raw Sludge Line Cathodic Protection
  • North City Water Reclamation Plant
    • NCWRP Effluent Pump Station Upgrade
    • NCWRP Sludge Pump Station Upgrade
    • Ultra-filtration and EDR Upgrade
  • South Bay Water Reclamation Plant Demineralization Phase 1 & 2


  • Wet Weather Storage Facility
  • San Diego Sewer Rehabilitation Phase J-1A
  • Point Loma Sewer Group Job 739
  • Valencia Park Sewer Group Job 748
  • San Diego Sewer Rehabilitation Phase D-2
  • Serra Mesa Sewer Rehabilitation Phase J-1C
  • Linda Vista/Birdland Sewer Pipeline Rehabilitation Phase K-1
  • La Jolla Sewer Group Job 752
  • Metro Facilities Control System Upgrades
  • Environmental Monitoring and Tech. Services Lab Boat Dock
  • Sewer Pump Station 84 Upgrade and Pump Station 62 Abandonment
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